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BoomBox is an organisation run by Arthur De Vuyst. 


I, Arthur De Vuyst, graduated at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels in 2017. Ever since I have been actively working in the cultural- and entertainment branch as freelance sound engineer and technical coordinator. 

As a Sound Engineer I want to be the bridge between two worlds, those on stage and those in the audience. 

PA rehearsals and multitrack recordings are the way to go.

 It's a privilege to have an artist's trust and help them bring the performance they want.


I firmly believe in a dialogue between the artistic and the technical aspect of a performance.

So that we, together, can bring it to the next level. 

I have participated in courses like: "Music Production" at Motor Music Studios in Mechelen.

and workshops by Better Live like: "Live Producing" by Frank Voet.

On this website you can find some references of project(s) I have been working on.

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