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© Bart Van Merode

Madrigals (2022)

Benjamin Abel Meirhaege

CONCEPT AND DIRECTOR: Benjamin Abel Meirhaege

PERFORMERS: Hanako Hayakawa, Alice Giuliani, Antiono Fajardo, Els Mondelaerts, Khaled Barghouthi, Lucie Plasschaert, Clement Corrillon, Victor Dumont 

MUSIC: Claudio Monteverdi, Doon Kanda

MUSICIANS: Wouter Deltour, Pieter Theuns, Madoka Nakamaru, Rebecca Huber

LIGHT DESIGN & SCENOGRAPHY:  Zaza Dupont & Bart Van Merode

TECHNICAL COORDINATOR: Arthur De Vuyst & Anne Van Es

TECHNICIANS: Danielle Van Riel (Light), Kevin Deckers (Stage), Janneke Donkersloot (Stage), Pat Caers (Stage), Karel Marynissen (Sound), Bart Celis (Sound), Pieter-Jan Buelens (Video), Bert Demeulenaere (Video)

For more information please visit this webpage.

As technical coordinator for Madrigals my main job was to be the central point of information.

I had to communicate with departments (Scenery, light, sound, artistic, ...) and keep everyone informed on their progress.

I had to oversee the global budget and within that make decissions together with the department heads. 

This performance contains open fire, rain curtain, alluminium floor, people hanging on ropes, .... 

I had to be well aware of what is happening when, how and where. 

We had to prepare the tour in such a way that there were no suprises for the venues we were visiting and that everything was clear. 


© Bart Van Merode

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